Alcohol Sex And Drugs

The 5 Do’s and Don’ts about Alcohol, Sex And Drugs

Growing up can be hard in this day and age for teenagers, There is alot of temptations out their, and if you are aware of it before you experience it then you will know how to not do it wrong. Here we will guide you on the do’s and don’ts.


1. Find out the legal age to have sex in your country  (united kingdom is 16)

2. Have sex with  person you can trust

3. Use Contraception when having sex. For men you should use a Condom, and For women you should use oral contraceptive pill, often called the pill or Injection which is called Depo, Implant which is called  Nexplanon, or  a female condom.

4. Use protection to avoid STI (sexsually tranmitted infections) – check out out ‘Safe Sex Page’

5.Use proctection to avoid pregnancy, especially if you are not ready to have a child.


1. Don’t have sex because your friends are doing it

2. Its not good to have sex with any random guy/girl you meet

3. Been drunk does not mean its better to have sex

4. Dont have unprotected sex because your friends say you have to experience it

5. Dont rush to lose your virginity, its a one time experience that you want to make

Alcohol – DO’S

1. Drink in moderation

2. Never leave your drink unattended because it can get spiked

3. Drink water to soba up after drinking alcohol

4. Act responsible when drinking

5. When drinking be around people you trust

Alcohol – DON’T ‘S

1. Don’t not drink alcohol and drive

2.  Just because your friends are getting drunk aka hammered, it doesn’t mean you should follow

3.  Don’t mix alcohol with drugs

4.  Do not drink on a empty stomach

5.  Do not jump in a random person car for a taxi substitute, taxis are the safe route home

– If you or anyone you know is alcohol dependent, contact Alcoholics Anonymous –

Drugs – DON’T’S

1. taking any illegal drug is against the law

2. do not take drugs while driving

3. do not try drugs because of peer pressure from friends

4. do not mix drugs together, its very dangerous to your life

5. drugs damage your health, if you or anyone you know is addicted to illegal drugs, tel,them to call frank –



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