Back To Work

‘Back To Work Is The Motto – Earn Your Money Is The Aim’

The best and first thing is to have a presentable CV .
It is the key to employment to have a CV.
Once you have that, think about where you want to work and what as within the company.
Contact the company, Call and ask if they have any job vacancies, the worse they could say is no, but  a YES is what you calling around to hear. Finding out the person in charge of recruitment will help.  Email your CV, its the modern way to apply for jobs. Or just go around to companies and hand in your CV face to face. they want to see who they are employing. (presentation is key)
Ask people you know if there company has jobs because many jobs dont get advertised everywhere. (Word Of Mouth)
Sign up to job sites on the internet and upload your CV.  (If you dont have internet, go to the library)






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